Social Automation Pro, A Powerful Facebook Messenger CRM & Group Lead Generation Software to grow your leads and sales on Facebook Organically (Without spending a dime on Ads)

Want to Get Massive Organic Leads with Facebook on Auto-Pilot?

Discover how Social Automation Pro helps you get high-paying clients off of Facebook even if you do not have a lot of time to do the heavy lifting or money to hire a team of social media managers…

Here is the Dreaded ‘I Can’t Get Clients on Facebook’ Problem…

If you are struggling to get high-paying clients on Facebook, then let me guess…

You are still not using the power of Facebook groups by adding high-value group members as friends and starting meaningful conversations with them.

Or maybe you have already tried doing that, but finding group members, adding them as friends, and interacting with them takes a lot of time and effort.

Not to mention the cleaning of your own friend list, scrapping each member’s email address, and keeping track of all the sales.

Well, that’s exactly what you’ve been doing wrong. And Social Automation Pro® is the perfect solution for you!

Social Automation Pro Does Exactly That – Automate!

It’s no secret that Facebook has a tremendous potential to get high-paying clients and grow your business.


But here is the thing…

If you try to do everything yourself manually then you won’t get anywhere! Facebook can be tedious, to say the least, and a nightmare if you start handling each and every little task yourself.

You need to outsource the monotonous tasks but you do not have the money to hire a team.


Well, that’s what Social Automation Pro® does for you! It helps you seamlessly automate everything from sending friend requests, replying to messages, sending welcome messages, and much more.



Check out our plans page and you might be surprised. There are no options for agencies or huge companies. That’s because we’re a female-founded, bootstrapped business who gets to pick who we loooove working with – and that’s you!

What Our Customers
Have to Say About Social Automation Pro

"So pumped about this software! I am so excited to start using this to level up my networking. Thank you for this opportunity!"


- Nikki Cordeiro Uvalles, Owner/Licensed Massage Therapist at One Body Wellness with Nikki

"I am excited to get used to it all and get rocking and rolling in my business!!"


-Kariann Varela, Former Intern at CK Rogers

"This software is a lifesaver! THANK YOU Social Automation Pro team for your assistance with walking me through setting up the Social Automation pro!"


NaKiya Tate, CEO at Nakiya Tate Consulting, LLC

Get High-Quality Leads and Acquire New Clients with Ease…

Social Automation Pro helps you automate everything and get high-quality leads consistently and predictably while saving a tremendous amount of time and money…

Here’s how:

  • Send Up to 30 Friend Requests

    use our incredible tool to search high-value and relevant members of a particular group based on keywords and send up to 30 friend requests with one click.

  • Auto-Welcome Message

    send automatic welcome messages to new friends sparking conversations and building a meaningful relationship with them. This helps you easily build trust and make a sale.

  • Create Canned Responses

    create dynamic templates for most-used messages to automate the responses and easily start meaningful and engaging conversations to get more sales.

  • Auto-Accept friend requests

    no more manually accepting friend requests and wasting your time. With Social Automation Pro®, you can automatically and instantly accept friend requests to build your audience with automatically sending a customized message.

  • Tag New Group Members in Posts 

    it’s hard to keep track of every new member joining your group. Now automatically tag new group members into your welcome post to show them their next steps.

  • Scrapper Feature

    Extract the Facebook posts of the Top Influencers/ Competitors/ Target Facebook Groups in your niche to get ideas of what posts will surely boost the engagement

  • Never lose a sale by logging notes, email, phone call activities and create follow up tasks with reminders

  • And much more!

  • Convert new Facebook Group Members into Leads & Paying Customers 

    With just one button save all Facebook group members leads info automatically to your google sheet and your favorite email marketing software like Mailchimp, Kartra, Hubspot etc.

  • Auto-invite Friends to Your Groups/Pages

     tired of manually sending messages to each friend to join your group or like your page? Now automatically invite new friends to your groups/pages without any

  • Posts Scheduling

    once of the best ways to grow your group’s engagement and size is by regularly posting. With Social Automation Pro®, you can schedule your posts so you can focus on other tasks while posting is done automatically.

  • Find Friends from Post Interactions

    when someone likes or comments on your posts in a group or a page, then they are most likely to add you as friends. Social Automation Pro® automatically sends friend requests to your post likers.

  • Auto-Reply to Post Comments

    show your group members that you are always there listening to them and responding to them by automatically replying to their posts. This helps you build trust and get more customers.

  • Keep track of your contacts by creating tags.

  • Create custom stages to track your sales process

These features are just the tip of the iceberg, yet super powerful. To see our full list of features, go to our features page to learn more.

Social Automation Pro vs GroupTrack CRM vs Pepper CRM vs ELMessenger Pro​

How Social Automation Pro Works for you

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How to analyze post reactions and send friend requests

How to raise a support ticket to Social Automation Pro Helpdesk.

How to accept/ remove received friend requests with sending a customized message

How to use Inactive friends/ Multi action and Group/Page invite feature

How to send friend requests to specific prospects inside Facebook Groups based on Keywords

How to use Scrape Influencers/ Competitors FB post Feature

How to use Canned Response Feature

How to custom approve all FB group members requests and save their data automatically in Google Sheets and Email Marketing software

How to use post scheduler Feature

What is Contact Storage & How to register Groups

How to create custom stages in Social Automation Pro

How to Create Follow Up Tasks & Reminders to follow up with your important Facebook contacts

How to invite newly added friends to your Facebook Group or Page automatically​

How to Create Global Tags, Sub Tags in Social Automation Pro software

How to delete inactive friends using Social Automation Pro Software

How to welcome newly added members to your Facebook Group Automatically

3 Steps to Monetize Your Facebook Groups & a simple process anyone can use to become #1 authority in their niche in less than 90 days.


Safe, Easy, and Free Way to Get Massive Leads on Auto-Pilot…

Unlike other automation tools, Social Automation Pro is designed to completely comply with Facebook policies. It works slower than humans and keeps your account from getting flagged ever.


This makes it extremely safe, easy, and effective for you to get consistent high-quality leads on Facebook and boost your revenues.


Not only that but with Social Automation Pro, you can get organic leads and high-paying clients off of Facebook without spending a single dime on paid advertisements. This empowers you to grow your business free-ly without learning how to run ads, manage FB business manager, or spend thousands on paid ads.

Game-Changing CRM Features

Rest assured, Social Automation Pro is going to become your next favorite productivity tool and hack by helping you automate everything like a pro!


From saving group requests to messenger snippets and built-in follow-up features, Social Automation Pro® is truly a game-changing CRM. It lets you manage your messages, friends, and group members to keep everything simple and help you get more sales easily.


Social Automation Pro is here to make your life and business easier by helping you get massive high-paying clients without you ever needing to lift a finger or spend thousands on hiring a team of professionals.

Ready to Test Drive Social Automation Pro?

Are you still on the verge – not sure if Social Automation Pro is right for you? No problem.


That’s exactly why we are offering a Free 10-Day Trial on Social Automation Pro so you can test drive this incredible tool and see for yourself how powerful it is and how it can help you grow your business.


There are no upfront charges or obligations. You can cancel anytime and won’t be charged until your trial ends. This makes it completely risk-free and a no-brainer for you to start your free trial.

So, what are you waiting for? This is your chance to leverage Facebook to get massive leads, high-paying clients, and boost your revenues on auto-pilot.

If you take action today, you will not only receive Social Automation Pro 10 days FREE TRIAL, but also the following bonuses:

Bonus #1: Step By Step Video Training
We want you to get started with this amazing software FAST. In order to do that, we will provide you with additional step by step video training on how to set the software up and how to use it to it's best ability.

Bonus #2: Industry Leading Support
As with any software, there can be hiccups from time to time. In order to get them resolved as quick as possible, we offer chat support and also support by the call.

Bonus #3: Access To The Inner Circle Facebook Group
Networking is important. For that reason we have created an inner circle Facebook group where you can network with other users of the software, exchange strategies and get additional help and resources for your success.

Bonus #4: Live Over-The-Shoulder Training Within The Group
Every one or two weeks, we go live and show you in real time how to use the software, new strategies to reach your target audience faster and any updates we might be working on. You can participate live in the calls, ask questions and get any help you need.

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